Contact Improv 6-week series :: NEW this season

Meets weekly for 6 weeks on Tuesday evenings October 8 - November 12, 6:15-8:30 pm. Pre-registration and full payment ($125) is required before Oct 8. Register at the link on our Store page.
Contact Ari at with questions or to apply for a scholarship.


Our FULL class schedule is coming back in October! Please subscribe to our email list to get the announcements and take a look at last season’s class offerings to get an idea of what we offer.

Avant-Groove :: Wednesdays
Fifty minutes of fun, freedom, and flow. A modern dance inspired exercise class. 
Like Zumba, in that it's accessible to most, but we'll take elements from modern dance understanding such as movement qualities and somatic experience. 
Who: ALL levels
Bring: movement clothes, layers, cotton socks
Dates: Wednesdays, Jan 9 - May 2019
Time: 12:05 - 12:55 pm
Where: FlyLoft, Studio 3 (117 N. Boston Ave. Tulsa, OK 74103)
Cost: $12/class drop-in, or ask about advance payment discounts.

Modern Flow :: Sundays
Class mixes yoga with a variety of Modern Dance principles (contraction/release, breath, opposition, alignment, shift of weight) and offers a supportive and fun environment for adult movers to explore a wider range of movement potential. Exercises are designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and musicality. The skills students develop in Modern Flow can easily carry over to work in other disciplines. 
Who: newcomers to Modern Dance
Bring: movement clothes, layers, cotton socks, water
Dates: Jan. 13 - May 2019
Time: 12:45-1:45 pm (but please arrive 5-10 minutes early)
Where: FlyLoft, Studio 3 (117 N. Boston Ave. Tulsa, OK 74103)
Cost: $12/class, $10/class for students and teachers, or ask about advance payment discounts

Modern Technique :: Sundays
Class will begin with floor work from yoga, pilates, safety release technique and improvisation to build warmth, increase agility and strength and help us arrive more fully present in our bodies. We will introduce ourselves with an interactive warm-up activity in order to build a sense of trust and honor the communal nature of our experience together. Center work will focus on technique drawn from Ari’s training in Limon, Safety Release, and Graham. Improvisational tasks will explore the interplay of imagination and embodiment as we play with dynamic possibilities. Class culture will be friendly, uplifting and non-judgmental as we steer clear of the binary of right/wrong and direct our attention instead to cause and effect, the action and the result of our choices.
Who: Movers with Modern Dance experience
Bring: movement clothes, layers, cotton socks.
Dates: Jan. 13 - May 2019
Time: 1:50-3:10 pm
Where: FlyLoft, Studio 3 (117 N. Boston Ave. Tulsa, OK 74103)
Cost: $17/class, $15/class for students and teachers, or ask about advance payment discounts

Advanced Modern MIX :: Wednesdays
Class draws from release technique, classical modern dance, improvisation, and various somatic practices. We combine technique, interior awareness, and specific movement qualities in floor work and standing phrases and focus on uniting technical skill with the internal attitudes and motivations that make movement come alive.
Who: Intermediate & Advanced level dancers
Bring: Comfortable dance clothes, layers, cotton socks.
Dates: Jan 16 - May 2019
Time: 6:30-8:00 pm
Where: FlyLoft, studio 3  (117 N. Boston Ave. Tulsa, OK 74103)
Cost: Donations

Contact Improv
Contact Improv is a partner dance form based on the physical principles of touch, momentum, shared weight, and most quintessentially - following a shared point of contact. (Think acro-yoga and dance improvisation melted together.) The practice offers endless opportunities for choices, listening, sharing and generosity. ** IMPORTANT ** The location has changed and space is limited. You MUST complete the registration and payment at the link provided, then you will receive the address. Please complete registration as soon as possible and no later than 5:30 on the day of the event to ensure that you get the location in time. Register at:

The evening includes a class and a jam. Movers are welcome to register for one or both. The hot tub is also available for use after class (please bring a suite and towel).
6:00-6:10 - Arrive for class, check in, boogie and move to arrive in the space
6:10-7:30 – CI Fundamentals class
7:30-7:40 – Opening Circle
7:40-10:15 pm – CI Dance Jam
10:15-10:30 pm – Closing Circle

Contact Improvisation was founded in 1972 by Steve Paxton. Integrating his background as a modern dancer and his studies in the martial art form Aikido, Steve developed Contact Improv through explorations with his students and colleagues at the time. It's an intuitive practice that develops community awareness and allows participants to push against their own limitations without words or promises, judgment or competition.

BRING: Movement clothes, layers, cotton socks, water, knee pads, suit and towel.
COST: Class $10, Jam $10, Knee pad reservation $3, Knee pad purchase $23 (Work-study discounts available on a first-come-first serve basis. Please contact Ari if you’re interested in that)
*** REGISTER at:

MORE ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Ari Christopher has over 300 hours of CI practice experience including participation in the EarthDance July 4 Jam 2014 & 2015, the Bill T Jones Arnie Zane Company Intensive 2016, Texas Dance Improvisation Festival 2015 & 2018, the Pilobolus Dance Intensive 2011 and more.

* DANCE KNEES PADS: You can get them in three ways:
1. Reserve to borrow a pair for $3 when checking out for the session
2. $23 cash before class (while supplies last, 3 remaining)
3. online from Contact Quarterly for $23/pair after shipping$
OR hack it: cut the toes off of a pair of large, THICK men’s work socks - the thicker the better. Then slip them on with the heals over your knees. It works okay.