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Doris Humphrey said,

“Nothing so clearly and inevitably reveals the inner man than movement and gesture… The moment you move you stand revealed, for good or ill, for what you are.”

It is with this understanding that Tulsa Modern Movementvalues not only technical excellence, but honest and fully-embodied movement. A kind of moving painting, dance gives new life to the space in our frame of vision. Moments of surprise take us over as a new dance unfolds before us. Slashes, dabs, jumps, slides, and lifts fill the space and we can’t help but let our imagination run wild with images that enliven our hearts and minds.

Tulsa Modern Movement supporters are dance and music lovers, artists and businesses who recognize the profound benefits that dance has on the communities where it thrives. We thank our donors, volunteers, and audience for recognizing the transformative power of dance and for stepping forward to preserve and further it.

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The Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa
The Norvell Family Foundation
The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation

Saturday April 19, 7:30PM at AHHA, The Hardesty Arts Center.


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