dance & creative expression outreach

eriching lives through dance for people of all ages in a variety of community settings


here we are workshops

Working with the stuff of life - the struggles, aspirations and limiting circumstances - participants will be inspired to share their stories and celebrate their differences. We will look at ways that movement can help us to connect to our hidden stories, regulate the emotional state, and communicate meaning. Music and storytelling open the doors to lost memories and an authentic expression of self. Guided by professional artists from different disciplines (dance, music and theatre), participants will make short performance pieces around the themes of identity and belonging. These could be solo works or ensemble pieces in which intersectionality is explored. The work is founded on the belief that individual uniqueness gives us our greatest strength and value to our communities, as such we create a space that celebrates each voice. Challenging and fun, workshops will leave the people with a lasting sense of their own strength and potential. Contact us for details about how you can bring these workshops to your center!


Rigorous Instruction & Dance Education is a talent development program offered by TuMM dancers to students with demonstrated ability and interest in Modern Dancer Training.


Art Infusion

We work with professional educators to develope and deliver art infused units of study that increase engagement and enhanse learning.