4:00 pm16:00

Open Rehearsal for Visual Artists

On February 19, 2017, artists are invited to spend any or all of rehearsal exploring color, line, shape and dynamics as we create Tease And Seize in our spacious studio at the FlyLoft, 117 N. Boston, Tulsa, from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. Suggested donation $10 at the door. Pre-registration is required. Click here to register. 

Bring your sketch pads, paints, charcoals, artist chairs, easels, cushions, cameras, and other art-creating supplies (with some restrictions, see registration form for details). 

This event will be intimate -- not a performance or a posing session but a casual and mostly nonverbal conversation among disciplines in the service of personal creative development. (We ask that no photographs be shared on social media without our permission, as we will ask permission of the artists before sharing anything of theirs.) We look forward to having your energy in the space with us!

3:30 pm15:30

Season Kickoff :: Movement Workshop

If you are a dancer who's curious about what we do, please join us for an exhilarating immersion into our practices: Technique, Improvisation, Partnering, and Collaborative Invention.

FlyLoft// 117 N Boston//  $20
Photo Credit Nathan Harmon

Photo Credit Nathan Harmon

"Liquid Geography" at Studio K
Apr 17

"Liquid Geography" at Studio K

The culminating work of our 2015-2016 season. Choreographers Alicia Chesser and Ari Christopher address the nature of change with a company of 10 dancers, with live original music by Scott Bell, Dylan Aycock, Jon Paul Pope, and Liz Coffman. Abundance and loss, ritual and joy, destruction and regeneration -- this is our landscape, yours and ours, and we hope you will come explore it with us.

"Liquid Geography"

April 15-17, 2016

Tulsa Ballet's Studio K

Contemporary Master Class with Mary Lyn Graves
6:30 pm18:30

Contemporary Master Class with Mary Lyn Graves

TuMM is thrilled to welcome back the sweet powerhouse Mary Lyn Graves for a Second Winter Master Class.

The goal of this contemporary technique class is to explore expression and play within the structure of set movement sequences. Using concepts of fall and recovery, dynamic weight shifting, and anatomical alignment, dancers will find the suppleness and availability in their bodies from which movement springs with ease. The movements will range from simple mapping of the body’s pathways to technically demanding, physically challenging phrase work. Through imagery, sensation, and clarity of focus and intent, dancers will intellectually and physically engage with their bodies, fellow dancers, and the space around them. But most importantly, this is a dance class so there will be plenty of moving and shaking!

Mary Lyn Graves is a dancer, teacher, and choreographer originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now in her third season with Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company (Salt Lake City, UT), she has performed throughout the United States in works by Doug Varone, Jonah Bokaer, Johannes Wieland, Alwin Nikolais, Martha Graham, Daniel Charon, Charlotte Boye-Christensen, and Karole Armitage. Mary Lyn has taught dance and movement across the country to diverse groups ranging from elementary-aged children to college students to senior citizens and has led master classes at Colorado State University, Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Wichita State University, and Brenau University in Georgia. Mary Lyn trained at the University of Oklahoma, from which she received a BFA in Dance in 2012, and at the Tulsa Ballet Center for Dance Education.

Wednesday, December 16
FlyLoft, Studio 3, 117 N Boston
Suggested Donation $10

A TuMM Gathering: Works-in-Progress Showing + Conversation
4:00 pm16:00

A TuMM Gathering: Works-in-Progress Showing + Conversation

Our fourth annual celebration of open doors and open engagement. This work-in-progress showing and conversation -- which has become one of the all-around favorite events of the season -- weaves you into our creative process with wine and cheese, improvisation and on-the-spot choreography, a glimpse at what we've made so far this season in preparation for our premiere in April, and a conversation led by you. Please join us and arrive early -- last year's event was standing room only. Donations graciously accepted.

"MotherUnder" at Living Arts of Tulsa
6:00 pm18:00

"MotherUnder" at Living Arts of Tulsa

A short new piece by Ari Christopher premieres at the patron party for Living Arts of Tulsa's 21st Champagne and Chocolate gala. Thanks to Living Arts, which does so much to advance contemporary art in Tulsa, for inviting us to perform!